Thursday, December 18, 2014

Who is Ron Weasley?

We also meet Ron Weasley in his first year at Hogwarts. He comes from a long line of Brothers. He has five older brothers and one younger sister, all of which attended Hogwarts. Coming from a big family like the Weasley's it can be hard for one to create a name for themselves. Malfoy knew instantly that Ron was Weasley because of the way he looked and the hand-me-down robes that he was wearing. The Weasley's didn't have a lot of many, they made ends meet. Ron doesn't start out as the best wizard ever, and eventually he brakes his wand, which makes him even worse. That doesn't make him give up though. He tries every day to improve his magic. He gets help from Harry and their brainy friend Hermione Granger.

Even though Ron doesn't have much like some of the other kids at school he doesn't let that define who he is. He has great friends, and has a great time while he's away at school. Readers can relate to this. Not everyone has as much money as they wish they could but that doesn't make them a bad person. Some people are embarrassed of the little that they have, including Ron for a while. He then realizes that his friends and family are enough to get him through life, and with an education money isn't a necessity.

By the end of the series we see Ron grow into an amazing wizard. He helps defeat the Dark Lord even though growing up his magic skills weren't the greatest.

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